Womens Axe Bunker Hooded Pullover with US Womens Soccer Logo


Size Guide

Embrace the spirit of the game while exuding confidence and style with the US Women's Soccer Team Axe Bunker Hooded Pullover. Crafted from a high-quality poly blend, this mini stripe long sleeve hooded pullover offers the perfect combination of durability and softness. The mini stripe pattern adds a touch of visual interest, creating a sleek and modern look that sets you apart from the crowd. Whether you're cheering from the stands or tackling your own athletic pursuits, this pullover ensures you do it in style. Emblazoned proudly at the left chest is the iconic US Womens National Team Logo—a symbol of excellence and dedication to the sport. This logo represents the team's remarkable achievements and showcases your allegiance to the national squad. Wear it with pride and let everyone know you stand shoulder to shoulder with the best. Equipped with rectangle eyelets and silicone dipped drawcords, this pullover offers a touch of functionality and style. The rectangle eyelets provide a sleek and modern accent while allowing for enhanced breathability. The silicone dipped drawcords offer easy adjustability, allowing you to personalize the fit and style of the hood to your preference.