Washington Nationals Womens Raster Skort


Size Guide

Welcome to the epitome of fan fashion with the Washington Nationals Raster Skort. Crafted from a high-performance blend of 88% Poly and 12% Spandex, this skort seamlessly merges style and comfort for the ultimate game day or casual wear.

**Key Features:**

- **Material:** 88% Poly, 12% Spandex - ensuring durability, flexibility, and a luxurious feel.

- **Design:** The skort is adorned with the iconic Nationals logo at the lower hem, proudly displaying your team allegiance.

- **Functionality:** Built with convenience in mind, this skort comes with built-in shorts, providing the freedom to move with confidence. The addition of a side pocket offers a practical solution for keeping your essentials within reach.

**Versatile Style:**
Whether you're cheering from the stands, running errands, or simply enjoying a day out, the Washington Nationals Raster Skort adds a touch of team spirit to your ensemble. The subtle logo placement allows for easy pairing with your favorite Nationals tee or jersey.

**Comfortable All Day:**
The 88% Poly and 12% Spandex blend ensures not only a comfortable fit but also the flexibility needed for any activity. Experience the softness against your skin as you cheer on your team or go about your daily routine.

**Show Your Team Pride:**
Make a statement and showcase your Nationals pride with every step. The Nationals logo at the lower hem is a testament to your unwavering support for the team.